Tuesday Two For #30

I got some brand new boxing gloves this week so The Wife and I decided it would be fun to take some pictures with them; before I used started using them and they got that gym bag smell. (I clean them weekly; but there still not like a fresh, never-used pair.) Boxing is a great workout; but, it’s hard on the equipment, especially in warmer weather. And, recently, I’ve been doing a good job of not getting punched in the head when I spar. Being left handed definitely helps.


    • Chickie: I wash my hand wraps after each use and disinfect my gloves weekly. Plus I get new ones at least once a year since I use them every day. And they still stink. I don’t even want to think about what they would smell like if I left them in the trunk like a lot of people do.

      I’ve left handed at everything except golf. (Too hard/expensive to find left handed clubs; especially since I seldom play.) I can switch hit at baseball and softball but I always throw left.

    • Kazi: I just wish there were more left handed things in the world. And, unfortunately, most things designed for left handers are super expensive. I play golf right-handed for just that reason.

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