Wednesday Weirdness #31

When I was out and about on Saturday night, I parked in a garage with a low ceiling that was only a couple of inches taller than the roof of our SUV. On the way out, one of the attendants got angry because I was driving very slowly so ensure that I didn’t bounce up over rough spot and damage our vehicle. I just glared at him; but didn’t speed up despite his irritated waving. If I would have sped up and scrapped something, he would have just pointed at the low clearance sign. Who builds garages with obstacles that hang very close to the tops of moving vehicles and then hires employees that complain about the speed that people enter and exit?


    • Chickie: It couldn’t be helped since the parking garage was the only place to park. (I think it pre-dated the prevalence of SUVs.) I was quite worrying since I know how close the roof is to the top of the opening to our garage and this clearance was even less than that. And, some areas of the ceiling were scraped, so I know it happens.

  1. I remember a long ago time when we parked our van in a hotel garage… the ceiling actually got lower on one side due to sprinkler pipes and we ended up gashing one, opening the pipe, and gashing our roof as well 🙁

    ~Kazi xxx

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