Friday Featurette #32

The Wife on the bed wearing a short mini dressThe Wife and both kids are home so I am feeling MUCH more relaxed than I was last week. We aren’t all that often any more so we really enjoy it when we are. The days that we thought would go on forever when the kids were smaller went by in the blink of an eye. So, we savor days like today even more.

Here is a cute photo of The Wife just because it’s Friday and, for a little while, all is god in our world. Have a great weakend everyone!


    • Chickie: I used to travel a lot more before Internet tools replaced so much. We’ve always done a lot of things together; but, not being so busy since our kids are self-sufficient makes the absence much more noticeable. When I still coached there was always something to do; even if it was just field prep. Now, our law is the only grass I take care of. And I don’t like to go out with the guys as much as I like going out in mixed company.

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