Monday Monologue #34

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The Wife and I recently “celebrated” our 25th wedding anniversary. Celebrated is in quotes since we’re both still sick and will not be having our customarily super-expensive dinner until this coming weekend. But, we did spend some time in the pool and, of course, do “other” things.
  • The Wife and I are learning how to row this summer. So far, we’ve both avoided flipping the boat and getting wet. It seems like it will be fun once we get the hang of it. And a great way to exercise. Right now, we’re too focused on mechanics to enjoy our surroundings; but, we hope to become more relaxed.
  • Once again, our Keurig coffee maker is not working properly. And, when we need coffee, we need coffee. So it looks like we’ll be buying a new one. Update: We got a replacement. Hopefully, this one will last longer than the previous one.
  • Our hearts go out to the people of OKC who were affected by the events on Monday. Especially the parents whose children never came home from school.


  1. I had just helped my mom get a new Keurig machine and in less than a month the motor failed! and she had to get another one. The new one seems to be working okay though.

    ~Kazi xxx

    • Kazi: We plan to have Keurig repair the old one so we have a spare just in case. But it’s kinda like a warranty on a computer video card. Useless since you can’t go without one for weeks while it’s being repaired.

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