Friday Featurette #39

The Wife in the bedroom getting dressedThe Wife and I are finally starting our Fourth of July vacation. Except for a three-day weekend over Memorial Day, next week will be the first days we’ve had off since New Year’s Day. We both are really looking forward to relaxing and recharging our batteries. It’s a “staycation” so we’ll be around the house (and intermittently posting). We’ll see everyone on the other side.

Have a GREAT holiday!

Wednesday Weirdness #39

I mentioned recently that our neighbors in the back are building a swimming pool. And that it takes up most of their back yard. I’m not sure that they realize it yet but they have “orphaned” their storage shed. They can still walk to it relatively easily. But they won’t be able to squeeze anything large past their pool. It will be interesting to see how they reach their lawn mower when they next cut their grass. (They don’t have a back yard anymore; but, they still have a lawn in the front.)

Monday Monologue #39

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Our neighbors in the back are building a swimming pool. It looks nice; but, it takes up their entire back yard. Once they get everything put in, I’m not sure they’ll have any grass. I just hope all of the construction and grading doesn’t erode the foundation to our fence. The edge of their pool is only a few feet away from our back yard.
  • The new bag I ordered to carry my boxing gear to and from the gym finally arrived. The strap broke on the old one and it was a gigantic nuisance to just use the handles on a (not so short) walk. Hopefully this one will last longer than the bag which broke.
  • I finally got caught up at work. So, now I have time to challenge the micro-management. Especially since the people that so urgently needed tasks completed are “too busy”. Needless to say, I had a LOT to say when I heard that.
  • Kinda sad to see both the baseball and hockey playoffs end. I enjoy baseball; but, an individual game has no significance, win or lose. Not like a win-or-go-home game in the post season.

Friday Featurette #38

The Wife inserting her diaphragmToday is the first full day of summer and longest day of the year. And, the weather has been sunny and warm. It’s really starting to feel like summer. So, as the Friday before the Friday before our customary Independence Day vacation concludes, The Wife and I are wishing for a time machine. We would like nothing better than to fast forward to our much anticipated Fourth of July staycation. We’ve definitely got sumeritis.

Traditional Thursday #38

We ended up with an interesting candid from our weekly photo section when we were in the midst of switching positions. We’ve also included the pictures that were taken immediately before and after for some perspective. It’s our preferred method of taking photographs; but, using the self-timer with our camera is unpredictable. Today, we have some pictures we like. Other days, not so much.

Wednesday Weirdness #38

A coworker once remarked that all of the cars in the garage of people rushing to get home is like the second filming of Ben Hur. I almost got hit by one of the “chariots” on the way to my car this evening. My path was clear when I stared to walk; but a car zooming around two blind corners still almost hit me. I’m in hurry to get home too; but I still watch out for pedestrians. Apparently, expecting everyone else to do the same is asking too much.

Monday Monologue #38

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I had a great Father’s Day! Having kids is a LOT of work; but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.
  •  I rowed one too many times after forgetting to remove the shorts I wear over my rowing shorts. So now I don’t wear them anymore and am Mr. Dangly Bits. Sitting on a seam between panels of fabric on a HARD seat is just too uncomfortable. Leaving them off gives me one less thing to think about before we go out.
  • The micromanagement at work continues although it’s not been quite as aggravating; mostly because I’m doing a better job of dealing with it. My mind has been superimposing a lot of faces on the punching bags at my workouts. So, in a roundabout way, it’s helping me get more fit.
  • I got tired of our computer crashing almost every time we inserted a USB drive; so I spent a few hours this past weekend finding the root cause. Upgrading to the latest version of a particular software program we use solved the problem and gave us some new features. I wish every software problem was so easy.