Traditional Thursday #36

The Wife and I really, enjoy having a pool. Except when the chemistry becomes unbalanced and we use it and have too add a bunch of expensive chemicals to the water. It only happens occasionally; but it’s a big nuisance when it does. We are experiencing that nuisance right now. So, instead of enjoying the sunshine, I’m visiting the pool store and fussing with a bunch of storage liquids and powders. So far, it seems to be working; but it’s a three day program. Hopefully everything will be back to normal by the weekend. And the weather will cooperate so we can have a relaxing (albeit short) break from work. In the meantime, we’ll just do other things to relax.


    • Kazi: We’ve been working on our rowing a lot. And, it’s actually not been a good time to get in the pool anyway; since there is construction going on in our neighbor’s back yard so there is a lot of noise and dust.

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