Monday Monologue #41

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Rather than spend a lot of my vacation tinkering on the computer, I purchased some software that there are free alternatives too. Usually, I prefer freeware; but it was nice being able to install a program and move on to something else. It was only $30. My decision probably would have been different if it was $100.
  • I was able to repair the lawn mower this weekend. When the spring broke, some parts got misaligned inside the carburetor; so I had to disassemble more that I was planning; but small engines are relatively simple, so I got it all out back together and cut the grass (except where it was still wet) on Sunday.
  • I wish I could take a vacation away from mowing the lawn. It’s been a cool and rainy July so it’s a twice a week chore. We have a lot of obstacles to cut around and I have to back up a lot, so I use a use a small push mower since a larger mower would not be particularly beneficial.
  • The weather pattern that has been making it so dreary hasn’t changed it weeks. That is very unusual for around here. Sometimes it feels like we are living in a time warp. The forecast NEVER changes. We are really longing for some burning sun!

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