Monday Monologue #42

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We received a new Kuerig coffee maker as a warranty replacement for the one that dropped dead earlier in the year. So now we have two of them since we had already purchased a new one. They are complicated devices so we’ll probably end up using it at some point in the future.
  • I got tired of my old drill/driver not holding a charge so I ordered a new one. I received it as a Father’s Day gift many, many years ago and have been reluctant to replace it. But, sadly, it’s reached the point of being unusable even after having been “fully” charged. So, there really isn’t anything else to do.
  • The pump on the pool burned out while we were away from the house on Sunday. Presumably, the motor seized up since it was really, really hot. Thankfully it didn’t catch on fire. The pool service company we use regularly stocks replacement motors; and should be able to fix it when they come out.
  • Except when we are working out, The Wife and I are really enjoying the burning sun. Hot, dry weather is a great treat after so many rainy days. Hopefully the sunny days will last as long as the rainy days. We’ve got some caching up to do on our time in the pool.

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