Monday Monologue #43

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The Wife and I are both developing a distinct “rower’s tan” from the clothes we wear while rowing. We would much rather have a more even tan from being in the pool; but the weather hasn’t cooperated. It’s good that we learned how to row so that we have something else to do and aren’t irritated that we haven’t had as much sun as usual this summer.
  • The new spam filter I set up and configured a while ago is catching almost all of the spam that was getting past the old one. Now that it’s not an aggravation it’s kinda fun to review the messages that were quarantined before we get rid of them. It amazes us that anyone ever replies.
  • Having a vehicle that can be remotely unlocked is way cool. Especially when you accidentally leave your keys in the car. Like everything else, cars are way, way better than they used to be. Our daughter has no idea what life was like before the electronic age.
  • It’s hard for us to believe that the summer is more than half over. But, we are closer to Labor Day than Memorial Day. Despite the weather, however, we’ve had some days that will be remembered as the best of times.

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