Monday Monologue #44

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • When I was towing a rented trailer this past weekend, some people were tailgating me VERY closely. I’m sure I wasn’t going fast enough for them and they wanted me to change lanes. But, I can’t see them when they’re that close. So I was probably in there way longer than if they had backed off a bit.
  • Except when we are at a gas pump, our SUV is very useful. We keep our vehicles for a long, long time so our decision making process when purchasing a new vehicle is different than most people. But, we still think things like remote unlock are way cool.
  • Being micro-managed at work seems to be a permanent thing. It’s frustrating until I come home and see the reasons why I work. I definitely lucked out all those years ago.
  • We haven’t regularly visited anyone’s blog in what seems like ages. That’s kinda unusual; but we’ve been quite busy this summer even for us. Good times. A lot of “best thing ever” days.


  1. Being micromanaged is simply a managers way of showing their insecurity. I work in IT for just such a person. And it is the pits!

    • Old Guy: I work in IT too (as you probably surmised). With many/most professions, management knows to get out of the way and let the people doing the work do their job. But in IT, mangers who did “similar” work once upon a time in the far distant past often overlook import details and oversimplify things to everyone’s frustration.

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