Monday Monologue #47

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The last time they mowed, our new next door neighbors cut the grass in the front yard almost eight feet over the property line. It’s not a big deal to us; but we think it’s amusing since they take such care to respect the frontage “rights” of adjacent houses; but their depth perception is so poor that they can’t tell they are not in line with the fence in our back yard.
  • This is one of those strange weeks where we are expecting a package almost every day of things that we’ve purchased online; mostly stuff we can’t buy in local stores. Sometimes, we wonder why local stores abdicate so much business. After a while, they become something of an afterthought.
  • We haven’t received any spam in weeks. Our latest anti-spam software is doing a good job. We think it amusing to occasionally read them, so we save all of the blocked messages. Some are pretty clever; other others make us wonder who would do anything except hit the delete button.
  • I forgot to plug my telephone in the charger last night. With my previous smart phone, that would have been a disaster; and it would have been completely dead when I woke up; but it’s no problem with this one gong two or more days on a single charge. It’s amazing how quickly technology improves.

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