Monday Monologue #50

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Our shredder finally died over the weekend. It lasted a long time considering that the gears inside it are made out of plastic. It’s a big nuisance not having one. Right now, all of the stuff we would have shredded is cluttering up the desk.
  • The keypad to the pool heater is broken too. It’s been finicky for years as its “guts” got brittle from years in the sun; but I resisted getting a new one since you have to replace the whole assembly. Now, I don’t have a choice since it doesn’t work at all anymore. But, I found a “compatible” keypad separately on eBay. Hopefully it fits.
  • In their latest update, the makers of Firefox removed several features that I frequently and “fixed” some things that weren’t really broken, so I’m switching back to Internet Explorer. I never stopped using IE; but now I’m going to use it for the occasions I had been using Firefox for.
  • We got in the pool today for what may be the last time this season. We may have one more day if it doesn’t rain. But it looks like a summer ending cold front is moving in. The sun goes down so early that we don’t have much time to get in the pool on weekdays anyway.

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