Traditional Thursday #51

A friend at work mentioned that men produce less testosterone after they turn forty. I’m sure that he’s correct; but, that’s still not a good reason not to take care of yourself. I’ll never have the physique of a bodybuilder, even if I could go back to the days before the ravages of time started. As you can see from these photographs, I’ve got enough for when I need it. And despite the “disadvantages of age” I’ve still managed to stay fit.


  1. Does not appear that you suffer from low T as often as you seem to find relief from the IT stress of the day. Still patiently waiting for a towel picture, please. Thanks!

    • Old Guy: I think that he was just looking for an “explanation” (other than not being willing to make the commitment) why he was out of shape. Much easier than admitting that he eats too much and doesn’t get enough exercise. I eat every day so I work out every day too. But, like a lot of things, that’s easy so say and difficult to do. I think it’s important to not give up on myself. I’m sure The Wife appreciates it. I know I appreciate the effort she puts in. And, it’s nice when we both feel good about each other and ourselves.

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