Monday Monologue #52

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Our three-day weekend was great! We should plan more of them. I don’t have a lot of “extra” vacation; but, it was very relaxing, especially since the weather was hot and sunny. It’s turned colder now which made it even better.
  • Someone took the parking space that I was backing into today in a parking lot that wasn’t that crowded. I wonder why people do that; especially considering how restricted the rearward vision of our SUV is. I could have easily run into their vehicle.
  • Periodically, I have to do some work that can’t be avoided with an idiot. I work with a lot of stupid people (doesn’t everyone); but this particular individual is very frustrating. l don’t expect much; but, somehow, he falls short of my low expectations.
  • This is obviously not a sports blog; but, a “Who Dey” is definitely appropriate.


  1. Ah…the kind you give a special password to: id ten t. Put in numbers for the ten! I deal with those as well. Wait as see how long it takes for the meaning to sink in…some never get the sarcasm!

    • Old Guy: Probably the most frustrating thing is that he will ask a question that was clearly answered in an email that he is replying too; even if the original message was only two or three sentences. I recently sent him yet another response repeating the second sentence of the initial email. And this was after “answering” his first question by repeating the first sentence. Conversations can go in circles over and over and over.

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