Monday Monologue #53

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Today is Monday Monolog #53 which means that it’s been exactly a year since we started this web site. It’s hard to believe that this it’s been that long. The time has passed quickly. It will take a LONG time before we’ve had this site as one long as our other one; but, we can already envision that day.
  • The idiot clerk at the hardware store dropped our new electronic thermostat when we were checking out, mostly because she was mad for me making her get a new one out of secure storage rather than purchasing the floor display. Incidents like this make it easy to see why local stores have such high overhead costs.
  • The Bengals and the Reds both laid an egg this weekend. Hopefully they can rebound. My favorite pro soccer team lost an easily winnable game too. At least the Bucks managed to win.
  • I probably should have cut the grass this weekend; but decided to relax instead. It was cool summer so, unlike a lot of years, it is still growing fast this time of year. It’s not shaggy yet; but it’s getting there. I keep our yard well maintained; but, I am not the guy in the neighborhood who always seems to be mowing the lawn. (That guy lives two doors down from us.)

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