Monday Monologue #54

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We had a LOT of rain on Sunday. It’s a good thing that I didn’t plan on doing anything outside. I cut the front yard today; but the back looks like a prairie. There isn’t much daylight in the evenings so, I can’t do it when I get home after work if I plan on doing anything else outside.
  • We’ve been BUSY this fall, like we are every year, so we haven’t been visiting blogs as regularly as we usually do. We “like” being busy because we know that these days won’t last and we need to enjoy them even though they can sometimes be hectic.
  • One of the idiots I work with really managed to irritate me today. I “plan” on him being stupid so he usually doesn’t bother me. But, he was extra stupid and I discovered I had been completely and totally wasting my time trying to do what was in retrospect an impossible task.
  • The wife and I are really digging our new smart thermostat. It’s great on days in the fall (and spring) where we need to run both heat and air conditioning. I had to do some rewiring to install it; but I am very glad that I did. Plus it looks a lot nicer than the old one.


  1. Curious what programmable thermostat that you installed. I’ve been through several and they all seem to lose any custom programming and revert back to the factory settings.

    • Old Guy: We purchased a Honeywell Wi-Fi color touchscreen programmable thermostat (RTH9580 Wi-Fi). It connects to Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort system so we can adjust the settings over the internet via a web page or from an app on our smart phones. Very handy when we are on the road and the weather changes and we want to temporarily update the programed temperature ranges so the house is a bit warmer after standing out for hours in the rain or a bit cooler after roasting in the sun. And it’s cool looking.

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