Wednesday Weirdness #55

I met one of the new “chieftains” at work this week. It was actually somewhat informative. Not from what was actually said in the meeting; but because of the opportunity to learn his personality. What was scheduled to be a 45-minute meeting lasted 90 although he was he only person talking. And part of the overrun was into the lunch hour. You can probably guess some of my conclusions. When it was over, I went for a LONG run to clear my head.

Monday Monologue #55

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I turn the big 5-0 this week. I feel about the same; but, I amassed a HUGE collection of “over the hill” gifts during my celebrations this past weekend. She wasn’t the main culprit but I’m kinda looking forward to when The Wife turns 50.
  • It’s been cool and rainy for the past few weeks. And, when it was dry, there wasn’t enough daylight to cut the grass. It was so much longer and thicker than normal that I had to adjust the mechanical idle on the lawn mower so that the mower wasn’t constantly stalling when I was finally able to cut it on Sunday.
  • During family get-togethers, my brother sometimes takes the opposite point of view just for the sake of being contrary. It can lead to interesting conversations; but, sometimes, it just seems nonsensical. Especially when his position isn’t logical. Some things really are simple facts.
  • The Wife has been getting a lot of junk mail from a persistent spammer. Except for the nuisance, it was actually “clever” since it was impossible to train SpamAssassin’s Bayesian filter to catch it all. But, it wasn’t difficult to create custom rule just for him and send all the messages off into Neverland.

Friday Featurette #54

The Wife making up the bedWhen The Wife and I were on the road this past week, someone accidentally tried to get into our car at a gas station along the highway! Apparently, their vehicle is the same color and they thought they were getting into their own car, even though the wife and I had just gotten into our vehicle and were easy to see through the windows. We live in a larger city where carjackings are not uncommon, so I totally freaked out. As soon as he opened the door, I jumped out ready to physically defend myself and The Wife. He instantly backed away and apologized so it appeared to be a legitimate mistake. But the entire incident was very, very spooky. We are really, really ready for a nice relaxing weekend.

Wednesday Weirdness #54

Believe it or not, someone has been stealing K-cups from a cabinet in my cubicle at work. They recently installed a commercial Keurig machine in the kitchen/break area. But, since the K-cups available in the vending area are not any of the kinds I like, I decided to bring some from home. Earlier today when I opened the box in my cabinet, I only had one left! I don’t recall exactly how many should have been in the box, but, definitely a lot more than one. I guess that people will steal anything from their co-workers.

Monday Monologue #54

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We had a LOT of rain on Sunday. It’s a good thing that I didn’t plan on doing anything outside. I cut the front yard today; but the back looks like a prairie. There isn’t much daylight in the evenings so, I can’t do it when I get home after work if I plan on doing anything else outside.
  • We’ve been BUSY this fall, like we are every year, so we haven’t been visiting blogs as regularly as we usually do. We “like” being busy because we know that these days won’t last and we need to enjoy them even though they can sometimes be hectic.
  • One of the idiots I work with really managed to irritate me today. I “plan” on him being stupid so he usually doesn’t bother me. But, he was extra stupid and I discovered I had been completely and totally wasting my time trying to do what was in retrospect an impossible task.
  • The wife and I are really digging our new smart thermostat. It’s great on days in the fall (and spring) where we need to run both heat and air conditioning. I had to do some rewiring to install it; but I am very glad that I did. Plus it looks a lot nicer than the old one.

Friday Featurette #53

A great candid photograph of the wife sitting on the bedThis is one of my favorite photographs of the wife that we have taken recently. It was completely accidental (like many of our favorites). In fact, I was trying to turn the camera off; but it took another picture before I could complete the convoluted sequence needed to stop interval shooting mode. Sometimes, it’s better to be lucky than good. But, no matter how it was taken, it’s definitely a keeper.

Have a great weekend.