Monday Monologue #58

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I spent most of yesterday “fixing” a broken laptop. Unfortunately, after hours isolating the problem, the permanent fix turned out to be a new system. Lately, that’s been our (lack of) luck.
  • I know we’ve posted complained about it before; but, we both have difficulty adjusting to the time change. It might have been a good idea long ago; but, nowadays, it’s just a gigantic nuisance.
  • My smartphone has been beeping and vibrating a LOT more than usual. Apparently, Facebook alerts for updates by friend’s aren’t “broken” anymore. I was getting so many FB activity notifications that I finally had to turn them off.
  • Remember to vote tomorrow. It’s not a presidential or congressional election year; so, thankfully, the advertisements have not been nearly as noticeable/obnoxious as they were a year ago.

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