Monday Monologue #61

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I was so aggravated when I discovered the problem with the video player being incorrectly rendered in using Internet Explorer 11 that I totally forgot that the current version of WordPress includes a native media player that doesn’t require any plugins. I updated an older video post to use it and didn’t see any problems so I switch all replaced the player used in all of the other video posts too. It doesn’t work with IE8. But I figure anyone still using anything that ancient is probably still using Windows XP and is used to having a bunch problems including browsing the internet.
  • I’ve somehow become involved in a bidding war on a part I want/need on eBay. I generally avoid volatile auctions; but it’s been very difficult to find what I’m looking for; so I’m carefully following auction and increasing my bid.
  • The Wife and I are both on vacation this week. It’s was only a three day week anyway, so it’s a good way to take a lot away without using a lot of vacation. And a lot of my coworkers are out so the is less chance of someone breaking something and me being called in to work.
  • It’s snowing. Not unusual for around here for November; but still depressing.

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