Monday Monologue #62

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I know it’s not news since I work downtown; but I almost got hit by a car again today. And, believe it or not, they had the audacity to honk their horn at me for being in their way as they made an illegal left turn. I jumped out of the way of course; but it was really, really aggravating. As a pedestrian, it’s impossible to continually watch passing vehicular traffic for improper maneuvers.
  • I won my auction on eBay. Now I’m just waiting for my merchandise. I’ve got a tracking number; but, of course, it’s being sent via a method with no intermediate statuses. So I’m just waiting and hoping that I didn’t buy a phantom product.
  • I didn’t leave a lot of comments; but I was able to catch up with everyone’s’ blogs and FB pages over the weekend. It was great to see what everyone has been up to while we’ve mostly been MAI from a reading/commenting perspective. With the beginning of winter, and the corresponding decrease in outdoor activities, I doubt we will fall that far behind again.
  • This isn’t a sports blog, obviously; but there were two amazing endings on Saturday. Both good if you root for the Bucks like we do. Unfortunately, from some of the things I’ve read about, some people take their football much too seriously.


  1. You must be a bad driver magnet. Don’t think I ever remember anyone who has had so many close calls of almost being hit by a car. LOL!

    • Old Guy: There are always a lot of obnoxious, impatient drivers around here. I once saw the passenger in a vehicle open their window, lean out and shove a bicyclist down because they didn’t like waiting for a few seconds to pass. So, I’m “happy” for a near miss.

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