Monday Monologue #63

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I took my next to last CRT television to the recycling depot today. It was HEAVY. I’m amazed that people, myself included, purchased such gigantic devices and thought nothing of it. I also disposed of our last CRT monitor. We should recycled them earlier; but they were out of site (and out of mind) in the basement.
  • I also sold some old computer components for parts on eBay. I get a lot of new gadgets so, unfortunately, I have a lot of old gadgets too. Thankfully, things are getting smaller and smaller so the newer stuff will be easier to dispose of when we don’t need it any more.
  • It appears our son will be getting an early Christmas present. The monitor on his computer died and we don’t have a suitable spare. So, I ordered him a brand new LED LCD online. We thought about getting him a smaller (and cheaper) replacement; but his mom and I decided to splurge and get exactly what he wanted.
  • I unexpected ended up leading boxing class today. I’ve done it before and enjoy it; but, it is exhausting. Especially when there are a lot of people. Plus, I’ve been a bit sick for the past few days. I wouldn’t want to do it “regularly”; but, occasionally being on the other side of the focus mitts really helps my technique.

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