Wednesday Weirdness #64

I replaced our garbage disposal which was on its last legs this past weekend. Everyone I talk too seems to be amazed that I didn’t just wait for it to break. I think it’s better to replace it now when it’s clean and empty rather than do it after it’s broken and it was full of wet, disgusting goo. It wasn’t going to last much longer anyway. Plus the removal and replacement wasn’t nearly as gross of a task as it might have been.

Monday Monologue #64

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I know that it’s just the time of year; but my email inbox is over flowing with offers and other solicitations for Christmas presents. I’ve already done my online shopping; but there are several people on my list that I’ll need to wander around the local shopping mall looking for an appropriate gift.
  • It’s supposed to warm up this coming weekend; but it snowed again today. We’ve had a lot more snow in November/December than we usually get and the first official day of winter isn’t until this weekend. This is not the year for an outside SuperBowl in the northern part of the country.
  • I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress. Everything looks mostly the same from a visitor’s perspective; but the backend looks completely different. Hopefully the new version isn’t too buggy.
  • Our daughter is home for the holidays. It’s been a while since everyone has been home. We’re going to enjoy it since it may be the last time we’ll all be together for an extended period of time over holidays. 2014 will definitely be a year of change for us.

Friday Featurette #63

In a replay of last week, we are kicking off the weekend with another snowstorm. We’ve had a lot of snow for around here for mid-December. Thankfully, we live in an area where the snow removal is very good, so it’s usually only minor inconvenience. (Unlike the people who live in areas where they just have to wait for it all to melt.) Anyway, here is a video of The Wife (and I) getting the party started. A good time was had by all. Hopefully there will be many more times like this as we approach the holidays.

Wednesday Weirdness #63

A woman came to boxing class today in just a tank top. The building is unheated so people usually dress in “coldgear” or wear multiple layers during the winter. She tried for a while; but ended up wearing a winter coat for the rest of the workout. Today was on of those days where you just couldn’t get warm. She’s a (semi) regular attendee, so she knew what to expect. She just wasn’t thinking when she was getting ready for class. I highly doubt she’ll forget again anytime in the near future

Tuesday Two For #63

We commented on last Thursday’s post that we wanted to try to make more movies; especially over the cold winter months when we will be spending a lot of time inside. The temperature is already down to 14-degrees, so today is definitely one of those cold winter days. So here is a part of a new movie we made. It’s almost time for our Santa hats.

Monday Monologue #63

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I took my next to last CRT television to the recycling depot today. It was HEAVY. I’m amazed that people, myself included, purchased such gigantic devices and thought nothing of it. I also disposed of our last CRT monitor. We should recycled them earlier; but they were out of site (and out of mind) in the basement.
  • I also sold some old computer components for parts on eBay. I get a lot of new gadgets so, unfortunately, I have a lot of old gadgets too. Thankfully, things are getting smaller and smaller so the newer stuff will be easier to dispose of when we don’t need it any more.
  • It appears our son will be getting an early Christmas present. The monitor on his computer died and we don’t have a suitable spare. So, I ordered him a brand new LED LCD online. We thought about getting him a smaller (and cheaper) replacement; but his mom and I decided to splurge and get exactly what he wanted.
  • I unexpected ended up leading boxing class today. I’ve done it before and enjoy it; but, it is exhausting. Especially when there are a lot of people. Plus, I’ve been a bit sick for the past few days. I wouldn’t want to do it “regularly”; but, occasionally being on the other side of the focus mitts really helps my technique.

Friday Featurette #62

The Husband and The Wife supporting their favorite college football teamWe are having a snow storm today like a lot of the middle part of country. So, we thought about adding our seasonal falling snowflake animation. But, we decided not to do it this year since it could potentially cause seizures. Anyway, since the Bucks have a HUGE game on Saturday, we thought we would post anther picture of us supporting our favorite college football team.