Friday Featurette #70

The Wife sitting on our new winter-themed sheets in sexy lingerieWe got a huge shipment of coffee delivered yesterday. It should definitely last us through the rest cold weather. With the ease and convenience of shopping online, more and more of our purchases are migrating to internet vendors. There is a lot more varieties of things available. Plus, it’s so much easier than going to the store. Especially since you know right away whether or not an item is in stock. Calling ahead to “regular” stores, is useless. And if you do go to the store, it’s difficult to find someone who knows where anything is.

Here’s a cute picture of the wife to conclude a trying week. Have a great weekend.

P.S. We hope your team wins the big game. (Ours left to go fishing long ago).

Wednesday Weirdness #70

I’ve mentioned previously that I work out at lunchtime in an unheated gym. When it is as cold as it has been, the fact that it’s not windy is about the only difference from being outside. Today, we opened the door for a bit to let in some “warm” air even though it was only around 15°F outside! It was that cold.

Monday Monologue #70

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Right now the weather widget in the sidebar displays -4°F with a wind chill of -20°F. And the temperature will probably drop another 10-degrees before morning. This weather is ridiculous! This summer when its 100°F outside, I’m going to pack a bunch or water and go on a long run and enjoy the heat. Even The Wife who is not as heat tolerant as I am says she is going to go out and enjoy the heat too.
  • I (pre) ordered a couple if upcoming Blu-Ray releases from Amazon. Purchasing videos online is a lot more convenient than going to the store for movies that we want to keep. We like having a few unwatched movies around for winter evenings where we don’t feel like going out.
  • I upgraded the software that runs this blog to WordPress 3.8.1. Hopefully, the update doesn’t break anything. I generally do updates sooner rather than later since there are so many bad guys in the world scanning the internet for vulnerable systems. Anyway, please let us know if you notice anything amiss.
  • Despite the miserable weather, I’ve still been working out six days a week. I’m getting a lot of use from the cold weather gear I purchased at the beginning of January. I know I would use it; but, I didn’t think I would need it every day. Right now, summer seems a LONG way away.

Friday Featurette #69

The wife relaxing naked on the bedI kinda liked the image of The Wife at the start of our latest video so I saved the first frame as a picture even though that’s something that I don’t usually do. The quality isn’t as good as a “regular” photo; but it’s a welcome distraction form the bitter cold we have been having recently. It’s 6°F right now so I’m sure we won’t be outside very much this weekend. Stay warm and have a great weekend.

Update: I got distracted updating to WordPress 3.8.1 and neglected to post this when I intended. Its warmer now. So, of course, its snowing. Lately, it seems that the weather only warms up enough to snow.

Traditional Thursday #69

I finally figured out why we can’t record a video longer than 10 minutes or so. The raw video files are encoded in uncompressed AVI format which are HUGE. In fact, they are approaching the maximum allowed file size for a SD card. So, the camera stops recording even though there is still lots of space remaining. I went through all of the menus and there doesn’t seem to be an option for a more space efficient format. So, we’ll have to make do with shorter movies or use a different camera. Anyway, here’s the “conclusion” of our latest movie. The camera cut off before the end so you’ll have to use your imagination for the rest.

Wednesday Weirdness #69

Some of my co-workers have been making fun of me for still going to work out at lunch when it’s freezing cold outside. My regular daytime gym is hard core AKA unheated, so you really have to be dedicated to go there when it’s cold. Yesterday, someone etched their name in the frost that had formed on the INSIDE of the front windows. Even though we’re inside, I’ve been wearing the cold-weather gear that I use when The Wife and I wear out outdoors during the winter. It’s that cold. Still, I don’t think it’s fair to criticize me for trying to stay fit. Excuses are easy. Staying committed to something even when it’s not convenient is hard. One day won’t make any difference. But; without discipline, one day can easily turn into weeks or even months. And a pound or two can turn into many.

Tuesday Two For #69

The snow plow pushed a HUGE snow bank into our driveway. So, I was outside shoveling for MUCH longer than I had planned. I was cold being out in the wind; but, I had thoughts of hot pizza and even hotter sex to keep me warm. I always enjoy the stifling heat of summer since I know that days like today are never too far into the future. Anyway, here is a video of the Wife and I keeping warm.

Monday Monologue #69

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Unlike The Wife, today is not a holiday for me. After New Year’s Day, the next scheduled holiday is Memorial Day which is a long way off. Unlike previous years, we’re definitely going to take a few vacation days before then.
  • I’m glad that I purchased a Honeywell smart thermostat rather than a Nest now that Google has purchased Nest. I would be really, really mad if I had spent $200 just to be data-mined. I wonder how long before a Google account will be required to change the temperature.
  • Just this weekend, a friend of ours mentioned how skinny The Wife is. She works out regularly and knows she’s in good shape; but, it’s still nice for her efforts to be noticed. It’s hard to stay fit; especially when life gets busy.
  • I know it’s probably common in places where temperature is measured in Celsius; but I’m getting really tired of looking at thermometers registering NEGATIVE degrees. -5°F is a LOT colder than -5°C. Lately, it seems “warm” whenever it gets above freezing. And it always seems to be snowing.