Monday Monologue #69

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Unlike The Wife, today is not a holiday for me. After New Year’s Day, the next scheduled holiday is Memorial Day which is a long way off. Unlike previous years, we’re definitely going to take a few vacation days before then.
  • I’m glad that I purchased a Honeywell smart thermostat rather than a Nest now that Google has purchased Nest. I would be really, really mad if I had spent $200 just to be data-mined. I wonder how long before a Google account will be required to change the temperature.
  • Just this weekend, a friend of ours mentioned how skinny The Wife is. She works out regularly and knows she’s in good shape; but, it’s still nice for her efforts to be noticed. It’s hard to stay fit; especially when life gets busy.
  • I know it’s probably common in places where temperature is measured in Celsius; but I’m getting really tired of looking at thermometers registering NEGATIVE degrees. -5°F is a LOT colder than -5°C. Lately, it seems “warm” whenever it gets above freezing. And it always seems to be snowing.

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