Traditional Thursday #69

I finally figured out why we can’t record a video longer than 10 minutes or so. The raw video files are encoded in uncompressed AVI format which are HUGE. In fact, they are approaching the maximum allowed file size for a SD card. So, the camera stops recording even though there is still lots of space remaining. I went through all of the menus and there doesn’t seem to be an option for a more space efficient format. So, we’ll have to make do with shorter movies or use a different camera. Anyway, here’s the “conclusion” of our latest movie. The camera cut off before the end so you’ll have to use your imagination for the rest.


    • Old Guy: No problem, we love to share. The next time we get a new camera, we’ll make sure it has a setting to record longer movies. Right now, we’re casually looking for another “prosumer” model that’s NOT focused on sports/action photography.

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