Monday Monologue #70

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Right now the weather widget in the sidebar displays -4°F with a wind chill of -20°F. And the temperature will probably drop another 10-degrees before morning. This weather is ridiculous! This summer when its 100°F outside, I’m going to pack a bunch or water and go on a long run and enjoy the heat. Even The Wife who is not as heat tolerant as I am says she is going to go out and enjoy the heat too.
  • I (pre) ordered a couple if upcoming Blu-Ray releases from Amazon. Purchasing videos online is a lot more convenient than going to the store for movies that we want to keep. We like having a few unwatched movies around for winter evenings where we don’t feel like going out.
  • I upgraded the software that runs this blog to WordPress 3.8.1. Hopefully, the update doesn’t break anything. I generally do updates sooner rather than later since there are so many bad guys in the world scanning the internet for vulnerable systems. Anyway, please let us know if you notice anything amiss.
  • Despite the miserable weather, I’ve still been working out six days a week. I’m getting a lot of use from the cold weather gear I purchased at the beginning of January. I know I would use it; but, I didn’t think I would need it every day. Right now, summer seems a LONG way away.


  1. Well comments still work, and I don’t see anything else broken. I moved many years back from Montana to California and don’t miss the below zero stuff. Still remember one January when I was in grade school that we had a streak of 21 days straight that the temps were below zero all day long. Don’t miss that! Now that my blood has thinned, anything below 40 degrees is cold to me.

    • Old Guy: Actually, this is the release that “fixed” comments being closed on new posts. I just did the fix myself prior to the official release. The combination of cold and snow that we’ve been having is very unusual. It may be the new normal; but cold and snow together is relative rare for around here. The endless snow just makes it seem even more wintry. Plus, it’s been very windy which makes it seem MUCH colder. A calm sunny day would seem spring like. Even if out was still well below freezing. This area is home so we probably won’t be moving away any time soon.

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