Monday Monologue #74

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I purchased some new music for the first time since before the holidays. I never noticed until a few days ago; but, for some reason, I don’t add to my media library when it’s cold. And conversely, I tend to but more music when it’s hot.
  • The neighbor’s cat is really starting to get annoying. It’s always seems to do its business our yard; mostly because it’s been unsuccessfully trying to catch the rabbit(s) that live in our back yard. I’m not OK with either. The rabbit is harmless and reminds us of one that used to live under a tree at our first house. And the cat poops a lot. We’d really gotten used to not having neighbors on either side.
  • We’ve got a lot of things going on this week so we decided to have our photo session today. We haven’t yet reviewed the pictures and decided which ones we want to post but; hopefully, we should do so sooner rather than later, depending upon how much editing is required.
  • I determined why our Eye-Fi card didn’t want to download photographs. For some unknown reason, it completely lost all its settings, including when to download pictures automatically and where to save them. It started working again once I fixed the configuration. Our next camera is going to have built in wireless so it won’t be so finicky.

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