Monday Monologue #75

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The sun which has been almost non-existent for the past few month melted almost all of the snow of the driveway during the day so I didn’t have much to shovel when I got home from work. One of the few good things about a snowstorm in March.
  • I used the time that I wasn’t shoveling to write a small utility program to automatically import any new music on our hard drive into iTunes without it having to be copied into a special folder. The Wife and I use the same computer but have the separate iTunes libraries and I got tired of importing new songs one by one twice. Now I just run a program whenever we buy new music.
  • I can’t believe the time change for the “spring” is in less than a week. All of the snow makes it seem earlier in the year than it really is. It will be definitely too cold to get in it right away; but, we’ll be opening the pool in just over a month.
  • The Wife and I have another busy week planned. We will post when we can although the schedule might be more irregular than usual. We really like making our photo posts; so we try very hard to find time for them even if it’s later in the week than we would prefer.

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