Tuesday Two For #75

I regularly give blood even though I don’t like the big needles used in the donation process. Over the years I’ve amassed a large quantity of the free t-shirts you receive for donating. A few weeks ago, noticed that I had accumulated dozens of them that I never ever wear. So I got rid of them and reorganized the remaining clothes in my side the closet to use the extra space which inspired The Wife to reorganize her side of closet too. She wasn’t drowning in freebies like I was; but had a lot of frumpy things received as gifts that she never wears. It’s amazing how things accumulate. She was even able to rearrange clothes in some of her drawers with the new space she made. Her lingerie is now a lot easier to find and manage, especially the items with matching pieces. So, we plan to feature more of it over the next few weeks as winter (hopefully) finally wanes. Here’s the first installment of our lingerie series.

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