Monday Monologue #76

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The Wife got a new hairstyle when she went to the salon last week. It looks fabulous and really seems to suit her. We’re definitely going to feature it in one of our photo posts this week if we can think of a good way to show the before and after views.
  • We can’t believe that it’s already time to stet the clocks ahead. Still having snow on the ground makes it seem earlier in the year than it really is. Most of it has finally melted; but there are still HUGE piles from the snow plows.
  • Or pool opening for the season is scheduled with the pool company. It’s always too cold to get in it when it’s first opened. But, it’s still really nice to look out the window and see the water (rather than a snow-covered winter cover).
  • The weather today was divine. It was above 60°F, which isn’t unusual for March, but, seemed tropical after his winter. Of course, it’s supposed to be 8°F the day after tomorrow. But we really enjoyed today.
  • I took advantage of the warm weather and open windows and gave cleaned the both oven and the shower. I clean the oven regularly since I don’t want for it get too dirty and set off the smoke detectors as it has done in the past when I’ve waited too loon. But, cleaning the shower was long overdue. Nearly constant below freezing temperatures make it hard to do anything which require good ventilation.

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