Wednesday Weirdness #76

I recently took our oldest vehicle into one of those 15-minute oil change while you shops. I realize they don’t know the history/use of the vehicle; but, considering that it’s 17-years old and has over VERY high mileage on it, they probably could have assumed that I wasn’t interested in purchasing any of their extras. Yet, they still went through their sales pitch exactly the same as if it would have been much newer vehicle. I know that’s what they do; but it was almost comical watching them trying to sell add-ons they know are useless to a car that old to a customer (me) who knows they’re useless.


  1. Gotta wonder how much commission they get from all the people who fall for their pitch. I’ve asked several of these kids to show me in my owners manual where I really do need these extras. Of course, they can’t. I have gotten to the point when I come in I tell them that I only want the oil / filter changed and to not bug me about other stuff. Know that’s what they are told to do, but they act like robots…don’t use your brain just do what you’re told.

    • Old Guy: I know extras are profitable for them; but, you would think a $50 oil change would be enough. I used to go to another shop that was in walking distance from where I worked; but that’s not possible now that I’ve changed office locations. It wasn’t while you wait; but, it was a LOT cheaper, and I didn’t have to listen to the useless sales pitch. I think fewer people are getting oil changes now that more cars have oil life monitors. They’re probably looking for ways to make up for the lost income.

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