Wednesday Weirdness #83

A guy asshat that works in a cube not too far from me was complaining about the notification tone of my smart phone. I understand that he finds it distracting; but he wasn’t remotely tactful or polite. I look up and he’s standing in by my cube asking if “I’m the guy with the loud phone”. No introduction, no pardon me, no nothing. And he somehow over looked the anger in my eyes. Definitely not the correct way to handle the situation. Some people have now idea how to deal with things and get the result that they want. I turned it down; but it will be back to its regular volume tomorrow.

Monday Monologue #83

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Now that The Wife and I have started rowing, we HATE springtime thunderstorms. They keep us off the water for days at a time. A little rain is fine. A lot of rain is frustrating.
  •  I had to work on The Wife’s car when I got home from work. It’s on its’ last legs. We’re not sure what type of vehicle we’ll get next. But, it’s definitely time to think about it.
  •  The razor I shave my head with now comes with 4-blade and 6-blade cartridges rather than the “old-fashioned” triple blade. They give the razor a different feel so I’m not quite as confident when I’m cutting my hair. But I do end up with a closer shave.
  • Three more of my co-workers have given their notice. People are leaving faster than they are being hired. It’s going to be in interesting summer.

Friday Featurette #82

The Wife getting THe Husband ready for actionI had to work late today (even though it’s Friday) so we stayed in and ordered pizza for dinner. My work schedule can sometimes be disruptive. Thankfully, The Wife is very flexible and accommodating. We make sure to have fun regularly. But it doesn’t have to be at a specific time. Sometimes “winging it” can be the most fun of all.

Have a great weekend. We’ve got another busy one planned.

Wednesday Weirdness #82

The Wife and I were walking through one of the new houses they are building in our neighborhood and noticed that the connections for the washer and dryer were reversed. It seemed odd for a brand new home since the arrangement was really only suitable for older top load models. I’m sure it was at the request of the new owners; but it’s going to be a BIG nuisance when they upgrade. Or when someone buys their house and doesn’t notice. We’ve seen similar changes many times over the years in the homes in our neighborhood. Some modifications don’t seem like much; but make a home a LOT harder to sell. You should get what you want if you’re building a custom home; but purchasers don’t always seem to be aware of the consequences.

Monday Monologue #82

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The pool is open! The water is still a bit cloudy; but it’s clearing up fast. And the robot cleaner has sucked out most of the earthworms. The water is still much to cold; but, even if we can’t swim, the view out our window looks a lot better than when the winter cover is on.
  • The new appliances we got last week are fabulous. There have been a LOT of advancements in 16 years. The changes/updates are relatively simple; but it makes using them much more convenient.
  • The Wife and I are starting to get back in our rowing groove. We’ve been out on the water occasionally; but, finally, we can go on a regular basis. We weren’t too terribly rusty for not having done it in six months. But all of our callouses are gone so we’ll have to build them back up again.
  • It was great to be able to take the trash to the curb earlier this evening without having to get all bundled up since it was a big production most of the winter with coat, hat, gloves, boots. Today, I didn’t need to do anything except put on my shoes.


Traditional Thursday #81

We opened the pool today! It’s still full of earthworms and the water is cold and dirty. But, now we can almost imagine the first time we can go swimming. Definitely a lot better than when the winter cover was covered in snow. It takes a few days for the water to clear up; and even longer for the water to warm up. But it’s a good way to bid a final farewell to the perpetual winter. Anyway, here’s more of tis weeks video feature.