Monday Monologue #80

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The wife and I went showrooming over the weekend. That wasn’t our predetermined intent. But local all retailers weren’t remotely price competitive. I like to support local business. But not when the price difference is 10 – 15%.
  • It’s been a process adjusting to the realization that we’ll be continuous empty nesters in few months. But it’s very easy getting used to the idea that we’ll have “extra” money. The days that we deferred buying many things for ourselves to is almost here.
  • Someone at work is so androgynous that I’m not sure if they are male or female. Always wears pants and polo shirts. Medium length hair. Moobs or boobs. Nothing particularly telltale. I’m wonder if that’s purposefully their style or if they don’t know how ambiguous they look.
  • I’m don’t think either team playing in the big game tonight is representative of CBB. I’ll probably watch some of the game but I won’t be “rooting” for anyone.

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