Wednesday Weirdness #80

Someone I sent an email to replied asking a question about something that was clearly stated in the initial message I sent. I know that they didn’t read the entire email I sent or they wouldn’t have been asking the question. I would think it would take more energy and effort to compose a reply, even a brief one, than to read a few extra sentences. But, apparently, that’s not the case for them. In my response, I politely told them to re-read my original email; but I really wanted to say something else.


  1. But! But! But! You expect me to actually read all that email??? Can’t you just fix my problem and save me the time of doing it myself?? Geez…what kind of support is this!
    Agree with you 125%…don’t know how many times I’ve heard this over the years.

    • Old Guy: I know how to read. So I find people who won’t take the time to read a message all the way through very aggravating. Especially when the answer to their question is readily available. Some things I write are difficult to understand. But this was not one of them. Just pure laziness on their part. Glad it’s the weekend!

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