Traditional Thursday #80

I updated to the latest version of WordPress almost as soon as it came out. It’s just a “minor” bug-fix release. But, with all if the stuff that’s been in the news recently, I’m being super cautious. Anyway, if you see any hiccups, please let us know in the comments or email. Otherwise, enjoy these photos. The Wife is starting to run out of the lingerie she likes; so we’ll be doing something new next week.


    • Old Guy: It’s supposed to snow on Tuesday, so, we may not be able to anything outside in our next photo session. Updates/upgrades seem to come in bunches. I’ve got a couple of Windows XP based system that won’t he getting any more Windows Updates. But; OpenSSL is so widely used I think I’ll be updating apps that use it as a component for a LONG time. I think most companies find and fix and release security-related issues quickly these days; but I wonder how some of the bugs slip past the reviewers.

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