Monday Monologue #82

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The pool is open! The water is still a bit cloudy; but it’s clearing up fast. And the robot cleaner has sucked out most of the earthworms. The water is still much to cold; but, even if we can’t swim, the view out our window looks a lot better than when the winter cover is on.
  • The new appliances we got last week are fabulous. There have been a LOT of advancements in 16 years. The changes/updates are relatively simple; but it makes using them much more convenient.
  • The Wife and I are starting to get back in our rowing groove. We’ve been out on the water occasionally; but, finally, we can go on a regular basis. We weren’t too terribly rusty for not having done it in six months. But all of our callouses are gone so we’ll have to build them back up again.
  • It was great to be able to take the trash to the curb earlier this evening without having to get all bundled up since it was a big production most of the winter with coat, hat, gloves, boots. Today, I didn’t need to do anything except put on my shoes.



  1. Sure hope you had more than just shoes on to put out the trash or I’d like to see the looks on your neighbors face seeing all of you lol

    • Old Guy: I had on something but not much. We’re have the blinds open a lot and the window in our mater bath is just a plain glass. So it’s a good thing that our more prudish neighbors are on the other side. We’re not obnoxious; but we don’t care what the neighbors think about us. It’s OUR house after all.

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