Monday Monologue #83

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Now that The Wife and I have started rowing, we HATE springtime thunderstorms. They keep us off the water for days at a time. A little rain is fine. A lot of rain is frustrating.
  •  I had to work on The Wife’s car when I got home from work. It’s on its’ last legs. We’re not sure what type of vehicle we’ll get next. But, it’s definitely time to think about it.
  •  The razor I shave my head with now comes with 4-blade and 6-blade cartridges rather than the “old-fashioned” triple blade. They give the razor a different feel so I’m not quite as confident when I’m cutting my hair. But I do end up with a closer shave.
  • Three more of my co-workers have given their notice. People are leaving faster than they are being hired. It’s going to be in interesting summer.

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