Wednesday Weirdness #83

A guy asshat that works in a cube not too far from me was complaining about the notification tone of my smart phone. I understand that he finds it distracting; but he wasn’t remotely tactful or polite. I look up and he’s standing in by my cube asking if “I’m the guy with the loud phone”. No introduction, no pardon me, no nothing. And he somehow over looked the anger in my eyes. Definitely not the correct way to handle the situation. Some people have now idea how to deal with things and get the result that they want. I turned it down; but it will be back to its regular volume tomorrow.


  1. There always seems to be one ass-wipe (my favorite derog term) in every company who thinks they are the savior of the world / company / department. We got one in our department who thinks it’s perfectly fine to talk on a speaker phone for hours. I asked him nicely and he now finally stopped, though it has taken some time. Guess it’s all in the way you ask. Feel your anger…I’ve dealt with this type before. But then you get to leave and go home and drain your frustrations away with your lovely wife…I’m sure that thinking of what waits at home brightens your day!

    • Old Guy: I’m completely mystified why he thought that being so rude was a good way to ensure my cooperation. Especially considering that he didn’t even want to tell me specifically where his cube was. Being rude and then hiding is NOT a path to success. Sometimes WFT really is the only thing that comes to mind.

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