Friday Featurette #87

The Wife sitting on the bed waiting for The Husband with peppermint flavored lubricantFor some strange reason when I got back to the office after my lunchtime workout on Thursday, the lights in the bathroom that has the small shower/closet that I use to get cleaned had been shut off. The only light was from the emergency fixtures. It was hot and I was sweaty, so I had to take a shower with both doors open since there were on working fixtures in the closet or the shower itself. It’s been that kind of a week at work even though it was “short”. So, the weekend at home where everything works and I don’t have anything to do is very, very welcome.

We love simple weekends like the one we have planned. Have a GREAT weekend.

Wednesday Weirdness #87

When I stopped at the store on Tuesday to pick up a few items we needed the “Express Checkout” lane was overflowing with people that couldn’t count, so I decided to get in the regular lane. Amazingly, a woman who was already in line let men go in front of her since I only had two items. I was surprised; but very appreciative. Kind/courteous people are very uncommon. Sadly are a lot more people who deliberately ignore the item limit for the express lane and inconvenience everyone.

Monday Monologue #87

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I received the rebate in the mail this past Saturday for a submission I sent toward the end of last month. Unusually they take several months. This one arrived in much quicker. I was surprised by pleased.
  • We had a GREAT anniversary weekend. This weekend was much better than last so we’re glad that we decided to have our celebration now rather the weekend before. It will be a few years before it falls on a weekend again. The wife looked fabulous!
  • We’ve got a lot of cool new things the past few weeks. It’s amazing how much things improve. We definitely should replace and upgrade stuff more often. Just because something is still working doesn’t mean that it works nearly as well as something newer.
  • Today is also a day to commemorate those who served. They have done whatever we’ve asked of them and don’t get the recognition they deserve very often.

Friday Featurette #86

The Husband and The Wife relaxing on the bed holding handsToday was a warm sunny day. Partly to mostly sunny and warm weather is forecast for the next three days. So it looks like it will be a classic Memorial Day weekend. We plan to be outside and in the pool enjoying the first blast of summer. I even purchased some new MP3s so we have some fresh music to listen to while we are lounging in the pool. We’ll be certain to pause and remember those who have fallen.

Wednesday Weirdness #86

An unlucky woman I know got her car towed for unpaid tickets. That not unusual; it happens all the time. But, I don’t understand why she would park her car in a high-enforcement area downtown and “put money in the wrong meter”. That’s definitely not the way to go undetected. There are far too many cars legally parked to check the status of each one. But, illegally parked vehicles always get noticed.

Monday Monologue #86

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We did both the homeowner thing AND the parent of a college student thing this weekend. I’m becoming an expert at driving a vehicle towing a HEAVY trailer.
  • I finally got caught up with my electronic to-dos. I had a lot “roundtuits” in my inbox. It’s typically empty; so it was annoying having more items than usual to get to.
  • For the first time in a while, nothing around the house is needing repair or fixed and hanging on until we can get a new one. I know it won’t last; but, for now, it’s a good feeling.
  • Four people around the dinner table this evening. Today was a good day.