Monday Monologue #84

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Whenever I cut the grass, which, so far, has been a lot this spring, I become more and more pleased with the lawn mower repair and tune-up I did last year. Fixing it was a nuisance since I had to order the parts online and wait for them to be delivered, But, it cuts taller, thicker grass better than when it was new.
  •  The Wife and I are a LOT more comfortable rowing than we were last year. We’re not as “fast” as we were toward the end of the season. But, otherwise, we are doing a better job relaxing while we’re in the boat. And, like in most things in life, especially athletic endeavors, being relaxed is key.
  •  Unless I make a glutton of myself, I usually weigh less than 160 lbs. I don’t obsess over my weight; but, I like to check it periodically since I have very un-fond memories of the days in the past when I was MUCH, MUCH heavier. I know from experience it’s a lot easier gain weight than it is to lose it.
  •  The Wife and I had a very successful shopping trip on Sunday. It’s amazing how many inexpensive things we had around the house that were “good enough”. We brightened up several areas for less than $75.

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