Traditional Thursday #85

Warm weather has only just started and I’m already starting to get a weird tan line from the short-sleeve shirts I wear while rowing. Plus, when I row, I sit in almost exactly the same position the entire time unlike when I’m running or cutting the grass or in the pool. It’s been raining a LOT recently; but, hopefully we’ll have plenty of bright sunny days to get in the pool. We always like warm sunny days. But, we especially like warm sunny days in the pool. Of course, if an irregular tan is the worst thing to complain about then it will be a good summer.


  1. If you’d like to trade some cool weather for some hot weather we could swap. It’s been over 100 for the last 3 days here. Combined with smoke from the fires around San Diego from the South it’s a less than pleasant week. Nice to be inside in an air conditioned office! Would welcome some spring weather!

    • Old Guy: We’d certainly trade. 100-degree days are much preferred to the 20-below zero days we had this past winter. It will take a very long very hot period before it’s too hot.

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