Friday Featurette #85

The Husband and The Wife enjoying a moment togetherThe Wife and I made certain to enjoy the last day of having a half-empty nest. After our daughter’s upcoming graduation both kids will be home for the summer and possibly longer. That’s mostly a good thing; but it does reduce our privacy. We’ve got a busy weekend ahead. See you on the other side.

Wednesday Weirdness #85

I’m not sure who my supervisor at work is. My former boss got a new job a few weeks ago and, amazingly, nobody has assumed management of his team since he left. It doesn’t change what we do day to day; but, it is really weird. There were already several vacant positions so I’m sure yet another a reorganization is coming. But until then, we’re all basically “orphans”.

Update: We’ve finally had our long overdue reorganization meeting. Not counting the people to whom I’ve reported more than once, I’m now working for my fourth different manger in the past 18 months.

Monday Monologue #85

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We had a GREAT weekend. I cut the grass and The Wife did some yard work; but, otherwise, we just relaxed. It’s always nice to not be rushed and not have too many things on the to-do list that absolutely need to be done.
  • I ordered some new space age looking boxing gloves that are radically different from the ones I’ve been using. They look comfortable to wear; but not so comfortable to get hit with. I’m sure I’ll either love ’em and use them exclusively or hate ’em and send them back.
  • Our soon to be graduated daughter is home from school. So we’ve got a full house while she (and her brother) plan their next steps. We’re going to enjoy it. The next time we’re empty nesters, it will, most likely, be permanently.
  • I upgraded WordPress yet again. Sometimes, it seems like I’m always installing updates. I know it’s important to use the latest versions and let the hackers bother someone; but stating current can be a nuisance.

Friday Featurette #84

The Wife standing in front of the mirror drying her hairThis past Wednesday was the prototypical day for how we would like all of our Wednesdays to be this summer. We played some music through our outdoor sound system and got in the pool when I got home from work. Then we went for a row when the sun wasn’t so high in the sky and it was a bit cooler. Then we finished the evening with a meal and drinks at one of our favorite local establishments. And of course we enjoyed our “private” activities (that we take and post lots of photos of). Hopefully we’ll have many more days like it.

Wednesday Weirdness #84

The Wife and I got in the pool for the first time this year even though it’s only the first week of May. We like to open our pool early so we can enjoy it if there’s a warm day, even if it’s not yet “pool season”. Everyone has heard horror stories about having a pool; but, modern pools are easy to maintain and relatively trouble free. Day’s like today are definitely worth the minor nuisances. It’s a great way to relax after a long day; especially since we didn’t expect to be able to swim so early in the year. Today was good day.

Tuesday Two For #84

The Husband going down on The WifeIf you look closely at this picture, you can see that The Wife is wearing the “backup watch” that I got her. It’s actually very similar to the one that’s in the shop. Close enough to not be disconcerting. But different enough to not be a duplicate. It’s got the same features and capabilities. So she can do exactly the same things while wearing it.

We’re busy getting outside and enjoying the first few real good days of the spring so we’re only posting one photo today. After the long, cold, snowy winter, it will be a long time before nice weather seems normal.

Monday Monologue #84

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Whenever I cut the grass, which, so far, has been a lot this spring, I become more and more pleased with the lawn mower repair and tune-up I did last year. Fixing it was a nuisance since I had to order the parts online and wait for them to be delivered, But, it cuts taller, thicker grass better than when it was new.
  •  The Wife and I are a LOT more comfortable rowing than we were last year. We’re not as “fast” as we were toward the end of the season. But, otherwise, we are doing a better job relaxing while we’re in the boat. And, like in most things in life, especially athletic endeavors, being relaxed is key.
  •  Unless I make a glutton of myself, I usually weigh less than 160 lbs. I don’t obsess over my weight; but, I like to check it periodically since I have very un-fond memories of the days in the past when I was MUCH, MUCH heavier. I know from experience it’s a lot easier gain weight than it is to lose it.
  •  The Wife and I had a very successful shopping trip on Sunday. It’s amazing how many inexpensive things we had around the house that were “good enough”. We brightened up several areas for less than $75.