Traditional Thursday #90

I’ve gotten back into sparring after being away from it for a while. I always do bag work and mitts, and I teach class sometimes; but, being in the ring with someone who punches back is totally different. All of my sparring opponents are younger and quicker so it’s a real challenge. Surprisingly, I’ve somehow managed to do a lot more punching than getting hit. And, amazingly, The Wife does NOT think I’m crazy. I generally have a lot of energy. And I’m especially energetic after going a few rounds with the young guys and emerging unscathed. And I usually put that energy to good use.


  1. First glance I thought I read you were back into spamming, and I thought that’s strange behavior for an IT guy. Amazing how we sometimes see something totally different that what’s really there. But the pictures, those are clear as can be.

    • Old Guy: Sparing/boxing is also kinda an unusual hobby for an IT guy. It doesn’t seem like it; since there are punches involved; but, it’s actually a lot more mental than physical. It’s easy to throw a punch. The challenge is to hit your opponent and protect yourself at the same time. That’s where the mental focus comes in.

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