Monday Monologue #90

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I had a great Father’s Day. In fact the entire weekend was excellent. Not much looking forward to the coming week; especially since next Saturday is the Summer Solstice.
  • We had yet another power outage this morning even though the weather was fine. I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve lost power over the last few years; but, it’s a LOT and it’s really becoming annoying.
  • A guy at work invited me to a meeting even though my online calendar clearly shows I’m booked. I wonder why he thinks that his time is more important than my time. Some people just have no etiquette.
  • And finally, “Go U.S.A!”

Friday Featurette #89

The Wife on the bed waiting for The HusbandI’m not overly superstitions; but I like to be extra careful on Friday the 13th. We don’t have more bad luck on that day than any other; but, sometimes it seems that way. So, we’ll enjoy a nice quiet evening at home.

Have a fabulous weekend. We’ve got good a one planned four ourselves.

Wednesday Weirdness #89

There is an inconsiderate woman that comes to boxing who always parks her car right in the middle of the outside area we use when the weather is nice. Apparently since no one else parks there she considers it her own personal parking spot. Her excuse the last time we went outside and her vehicle was in the way was, “it was raining so she didn’t think we would go outside”. There “may” have been a light rain in the area earlier; but it wasn’t nearly enough to keep us inside even if it hadn’t stopped. Even the instructor was kinda irritated since the gym doesn’t have air conditioning so we do as many outside activities as possible when it’s hot. People who think that rules only apply to other people are annoying.

Monday Monologue #89

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • On Friday, I actually received an email at work that basically said “I know I didn’t do anything (about the problem) for several days; but now the customer is really upset and I need for YOU to fix it today”. Of course, it only become “urgent” when it was ME who had to do something.
  • The Wife and I did our first rowing race over the weekend. We really enjoyed the competition so we’ll definitely be doing it again.
  • A guy at boxing is interested in getting in the ring and sparring; but he can’t even make it through the warm-up without throwing up. Obviously he won’t be permitted until he has a LOT more training; but, I wonder what makes him think he’s ready.
  • I’m getting extremely irritated at the embedded auto playing video advertisements with no mute or pause button that are popping up all over the web. I’m sure the majority of the people that “click thru” are really trying to make them go away and are NOT interested in what’s being advertised.

Friday Featurette #88

The Husband and The Wife enjoying a moment togetherThe hosting company we use is in changing all of the IP addresses in their data center. So, if this site is unavailable for a while, it doesn’t mean we’ve left, it just means that there was an unexpected hiccup. I “think” I’ve made all of the necessary changes; but I won’t know for sure until the old IP addresses go away one day in the near future. What a PAI for their customers. But providers who don’t mind NSFW content are hard to find, especially good ones. We really should have something more not work safe to accompany this post. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday Weirdness #88

I suddenly need to find a new way home from work. One of the roads that I usually take is closed for construction and the “detour” requires an unguarded left turn across a busy street. So, of course there is a mile long backup. Traffic of people trying to go home actually backs up into the parking lots of the places where they work! We live in a “river city” with only a few bridges to the other side so there aren’t that many alternate routes. Plus, some of the bridges are closed for construction so everyone is trying to get to the ones that are open and now one of the main routes is basically impassible. I wonder who thought that it would be a good idea to close all of these roads at the same time.