Wednesday Weirdness #96

The TEMPORARY dog that we have is a “designer hybrid” which is another way of saying an expensive mutt. I didn’t even know they did things like that on purpose. I thought that there were already enough mixed breeds around. Apparently, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to the world of dogs.

Monday Monologue #96

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We got a new addition to the family this weekend which, thankfully is just a puppy. Assuming things go as planned, it will be very, very temporary.
  • I got a bill from my old phone company even though I cancelled service last month and their online system shows my account as being inactive with no services. I’ll be calling their customer (no) service whenever I have enough patience.
  • A guy at work is becoming very annoying. He can’t do anything on his own. The only thing he does is send me emails after a poor attempt by himself. Applying logic is a totally unknown concept to him.
  • I had my car in the shop last week for a scheduled oil change and TWO outstanding recall campaigns. Automobiles are complicated devices; but, that’s still not something you expect. It’s important to have the work done but it’s still a nuisance.

Friday Featurette #95

The Husband and The Wife together on a hot summer nightUnlike last year where July was hot and almost every day was good pool weather, more clouds than sun are forecast again this weekend. It’s not really raining; but, it’s not sunny either. The Wife and I are glad that we decided to row. It’s a great summertime activity, especially for cooler evenings. Very appropriate for the day’s when it’s too cold or cloudy to get in the pool. The summer has been flying by. Hopefully there will be a few days more of burning sun to enjoy the pool.

Traditional Thursday #95

The hot, sunny weather didn’t last. Unfortunately, it was replace by cooler, rainy conditions almost as soon as it started. It’s actually starting to get kinda annoying. We haven’t had an extend period of sun. There have only been a few days of typical July weather and we’re starting to run out of summer days. Luckily, we’re got fun activities to do inside that we never get tired of.

Wednesday Weirdness #95

The company that we previously used for our mobile phone service and were (relatively) happy with recently made a changed their final month of service policy. The last bill used to be pro-rated. Now it’s not. They just keep your money. I know it’s all about short term profits. But I don’t understand why they think irritating the very customers they hope to win back one day in the future is a good idea. I’ll be mad about not getting a refund or adjustment from them for a long, long time.

Monday Monologue #95

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We had a GREAT day to get in the pool today and tomorrow is forecast to be more of the same. And we went for a row later after the sun wasn’t so high in the sky. Days like today are why we love summer.
  • I’m still adjusting to my new mobile phone. It works inside buildings that our previous one would have no signal or a very weak one. Both data and voice connectivity are always available in places that they were previously intermittent.
  • In addition to cleaning up and going through things, The Wife and I have been painting some areas of the house. We didn’t quite realize how much they needed it until they were finished and we could see the difference.
  • Cold weather is still far away; but, we’re starting to think about what new car to replace our oldest vehicle with. It’s not yet become unreliable; but, it’s OLD and we’d like to have something nice and newer for the coming winter even if it’s not supposed to be as cold as last year.



Friday Featurette #94

The Wife lying naked on the bed waiting for The Husband to join herThe wife and I are very glad to turn the page on a long and trying week. It was FAR from the worst; but, it still could have been much better. Weekends; however, are most always varying degrees of good. We’ve got a few things that we’re planning to do around the house. But; mostly we’re just going to relax. As the song says, “Here’s to the weekend!”