Monday Monologue #93

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Last weeks’ vacation was fabulous! And, unlike in past years when we had a lot of obligations in the fall, we’ve starting to think about when we might take another one. It still seems strange NOT planning for our kids’ events; but it does give us a lot more flexibility.
  • Everyone really likes the new smartphones we got last week. They are bigger. And faster. And easier to use. We won’t be trading them in for a long time.
  • The Wife and I did some painting in a much needed area over the weekend. It looks really good; but now it makes places that we were NOT thinking about painting look more in need of it. That’s often the way things go I guess.
  • I ordered a couple of replacement throttle springs for the lawn mower since I used my last one recently. Every year, one or two get caught and completely stretched out of shape. For some unfathomable reason, it’s on the front in a very exposed part of the engine and frequently gets stretched or broken when I’m cutting around shrubs.

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