Monday Monologue #96

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We got a new addition to the family this weekend which, thankfully is just a puppy. Assuming things go as planned, it will be very, very temporary.
  • I got a bill from my old phone company even though I cancelled service last month and their online system shows my account as being inactive with no services. I’ll be calling their customer (no) service whenever I have enough patience.
  • A guy at work is becoming very annoying. He can’t do anything on his own. The only thing he does is send me emails after a poor attempt by himself. Applying logic is a totally unknown concept to him.
  • I had my car in the shop last week for a scheduled oil change and TWO outstanding recall campaigns. Automobiles are complicated devices; but, that’s still not something you expect. It’s important to have the work done but it’s still a nuisance.

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