Friday Featurette #100

A candid photo of The Wife in front of the mirror drying her hairThe A/C in our house stopped cooling yesterday so it was shaping up to be a hot sticky long weekend; but, amazingly, I was able to find someone to come out and add Freon. It cost a small fortune; but, we’re all ready for the holiday weekend. I knew it what needed to be done after I looked at it; so it was frustrating to have to call someone; but, older CFC-based refrigerants are not available to consumers any more so we were stuck. But, it’s still way batter than having no air. Have a great holiday weekend.

Wednesday Weirdness #100

I heard through the grapevine (i.e. another family member) that my brother is planning to move this coming weekend and “may” need help. Who plans to move over a holiday weekend without definitively arranging help in advance? The Wife and I (and our son) already have plans and would not be very happy if we need to rearrange them. And, unfortunately, everyone else in the family isn’t much help for one reason or another, especially for heavier items. This could be an “eventful” weekened.

Monday Monologue #100

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We had to dog sit again one day last week. The dog itself is fine; but we’re not at the stage in our lives were we planned on being on any schedule but our own. The dog will definitely be leaving.
  • I just got a GIGANTIC credit on my mobile phone bill for switching from our previous carrier. I wonder why phone companies work so hard to get new customers; then drive them away with such poor service once they’re on contract.
  • Once the rain moved off, we got in the pool for a long time on Sunday. It was glorious. It’s been a while since we could lounge in the water for as long as we wanted. The only reason we got out was because the sun was going down.
  • My work email account is overflowing. It’s going to be a long day.

Friday Featurette #99

Here is the rest of the story from the movies we posted earlier this week. It finally rained so it looks like we’ll have to cut the grass and do yard work sometime over the weekend. It’s a regular chore during the summer; but, after a few weeks of it not needing to be done, it almost seems extra. Otherwise, we have nothing to do (other than impress upon our daughter the urgency of moving into her own place by the end of the month). It’s still got to go; but, her dog has been here so long its mostly house broken. Have a great weekend.

Traditional Thursday #99

The Wife has had a summer cold for the past few days but that hasn’t let it stop her from enjoying the summer. She’s still been rowing and doing the things that she likes to do. And she still has a lot of energy. Besides, we’d have to be (almost) dead to not have enough energy for our bedroom activities.

Wednesday Weirdness #99

It happens all of the time; but I still find it amusing when people who don’t work out come into the locker room to use the bathroom and are “surprised” that there are naked men who are sometimes in their way. We’ve only got one place to shower and change. But, obviously, there are other bathrooms to use if it’s such an issue for them.

Tuesday Two For #99

This week we’re posting a few movies where the roles are reversed from the videos we posted Last week. We don’t plan our “activities” that carefully, that’s just the way things turned out. Making videos nowadays isn’t the transcoding nightmare it used to be. Now the biggest “issue” is copying them from the camera to our computer since they’re too big to upload wirelessly in a reasonable time. And that’s not much of a nuisance at all.

Monday Monologue #99

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The Wife has a bit of a cold. Not enough to make her miserable; but, it’s still not exactly fun. I’ve somehow managed not to catch it so far. But my throat is starting to feel scratchy.
  • The four of us went out to dinner on Saturday. We didn’t have the best service; but it was much, much better than when we went out with the extended family. We spent less than half the time in the restaurant. And didn’t have any food preparation issues. So, even though the drive was longer, we spent a lot less time overall.
  • Having a puppy that’s being housebroken by someone who’s not as consistent and structured as I am is aggravating. Its learning much more slowly than if I was the trainer. Unfortunately, it’s our carpet.
  • It always “looks” like a thunderstorm might develop, sometimes enough to chase us out of the pool or off the water; but, we really haven’t had much rain at all. I haven’t had to mow the lawn; but, it’s not good for the grass. And we have to put water in the pool all the time.