Monday Monologue #97

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Not that I needed one; but I’m getting a daily “refresher” on why I don’t like dogs that aren’t housebroken inside the house. We will not be getting frisky and taking photos on the carpet any time soon.
  • Someone shaved in the locker room at work ordinarily would not be a big deal except they got their weekend stubble all over everything. They didn’t even brush their clippings off the seats so the rest of us had to clean up their mess if we wanted a place to sit.
  • It rained just enough to prevent us from enjoying the pool or going out for a row; but, not enough to do much for the grass. So we’ll still need to water the lawn on Tuesday.
  • I’m ready from some football. Not preseason games full of players who aren’t even going to be on the team in a few weeks; but, “regular” games where both teams are doing anything and everything to win the game.

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