Monday Monologue #98

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We went out to dinner with our extended family and had bad service yet again. We’re completely mystified why they all like places where the dining experience is terrible. Especially since there are much better restaurants just down the street.
  • I’ve discovered the next gadget to put on the list for when we have plenty of money and are living large. A refrigerator with a built in touch screen display.
  • I’ve been doing much too much with the “temporary” dog. I just keep telling myself that it’s not going to be for too much longer.
  • The weather was so dreary that we didn’t feel like going rowing today even though it wasn’t raining when we would have actually been on the water. It’s early August; but it seemed like a gray November day.


    • Old Guy: It’s our daughter’s dog. She was supposed to move out into her own apartment the first of the month. (The week after she got the dog.) Then it was going to be next week. And now it looks her and her dog will be here until NEXT month. And, since she not yet in her own place, we’ll be watching the dog later this week when she has an out of town job interview (in the same city as her own place will ultimately be in).

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